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Enteka (Ti Thela Kai S'Agapousa)

by All Greek to Me

All Greek to Me performing "Enteka" - "Τι 'Θελα και Σ'Αγαπούσα" (Ti Thela Kai S'Agapousa) at the Station Street Festival on September 5th, 2023.A popular folk song from Northern Greece, that is know to celebrate Apókreo - the equivalent of Carnaval in Greece. Sofia Glavopoulou - vocals, Dimitar Liolev - Saxophone, Nikolay Lachev - bouzouki, Martin Tashev - trumpet, Stanoslav Arabadzhiev - piano, Borislav Taslev - double bass, Stefan Goranov - drums. Arrangment by Petros Klampanis.


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