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It’s a musical wrap

If you missed the shows, this is your stop!

Dec 25, 2023 | Read time: ~2 min.

The very first edition of Station Street Festival in 2023 was held back in September and became a huge success for the alternative, ethno, jazz & blues musical scene here in Plovdiv. With over 16 bands & artists, the festival provided the audience with a multi-genre awesome show in the course of six days (01.09.23 - 06.09.23).


Bands such as New Candys (IT), Lalalar (TR), Theodore (GR), Lia Hide (GR), Tenderbender (BG) & Clavexperience (BG) gave the festival the alternative twist that was much craved for in the ancient city of the seven hills. A pinch of psychedelic rock, a dash of dark pop and some 80s synth, combined with an epic lazer show, resulted in nearly a full week of musical joy!


To take things even further and stay true to the Balkan region, the festival invited well-renowned musicians & projects such as Theodosii Spasov (BG), Angel Demirev (BG), All Greek To Me (BG/GR), Ethno Venture (BG) & Untempered Motion to spice things up with playful ethno motives.


Of course, no lineup is complete without some jazz, funk & blues for good vibes. Here we had Dzhango Ze (BG), Fingertone & Malik (USA) & Blues Traffic (BG) to add to the easy-going mood of the event.


In the mixture were also Partikel (UK), who sadly could not perform due to the official day of mourning, caused by the tragic floods at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast (On that same day, Theodosii Spasov did not perform as well).


Despite the challenges, Station Street Festival 2023 united people & celebrated music in all its shapes & forms!


Stay tuned for the 2024 lineup & don’t hesitate to drop your lineup wishes in the comments below. Merry Christmas from the Station Street Festival team!